The Greater Cincinnati Counseling Association is a chapter of the Ohio Counseling Association, which is the state division of the American Counseling Association. Membership offers several benefits to professionals and students.

Benefits of the Greater Cincinnati Counseling Association

Professional Identity and Advocacy
The Greater Cincinnati Counseling Association offers a place where professional counselors can gather and communicate with each other about issues of concern to our profession. We are stronger advocates for our profession and our clients when we work together and the GCCA offers this opportunity to members. We can also speak to the public as a unified voice. This clarifies who we are and what we do as professionals.

Professional Recognition
Each year, GCCA hosts a counseling recognition reception. At this event, professionals in both school and community counseling are recognized for their superior work in the area of counseling. Members may nominate their peers for this award each year. To view a list of the award recipients from last year, please visit the awards page.

Professional Development
GCCA hosts an annual workshop that offers inexpensive CEU courses in a variety of areas. The presenters offer practical information in both specialized and general areas related to counseling. Topics include ethics, supervision, school counseling, community counseling and chemical dependency counseling. Members receive a discount to attend this workshop each year. GCCA also twice annually offers free CEUs at our open meetings. Please check the events page for any upcoming free-CEU opportunities.

Networking Opportunities
Members of the GCCA work in a variety of environments and possess a wealth of information and resources for professionals. At our various functions and through our onling forum, you can network with others in both school and community counseling.